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Birthday Blood Drive Impact Life

Mark your calendars! Laiken's Birthday Blood Drive is just around the corner. Giving blood is vitally important. Laiken needed so much blood during the last few days of her life. We are honoring her 12th birthday on March 20th with another blood drive at ImpactLife! It was so successful last year that we currently hold the record for the most donations for an in-center event in Iowa


• Blood drive will run from March 18-March 30

• ALL donations in ALL Impact Life locations across the state will be included in our total. Those locations include:


~Cedar Rapids - East

~Cedar Rapids - West

~Davenport - Headquarters

~Davenport - West


~Iowa City/Coralville



• We will offer birthday cupcakes to all donors at both CR and Davenport locations on the 20th.

Please consider donating. Even if you never have and you are unsure about it. It's so easy and they take such good care of you. You are literally giving the gift of life

Inspiring Impactful Change


Live Like Laiken Sipping for a Cause

Our first major fundraiser made over $55000 to help families struggling with pediatric cancer and to help with funds toward pediatric cancer research.  Thank you to all of our sponsors, donors, and participants.  Can't wait to do it again next year!

Laiken Rose Hagerty

After a valiant one year struggle with cancer, she passed away in June 2022. Laiken embodied many positive qualities. She was a kind, loving, generous, respectful, and caring person, and she was a friend to everyone. We are going to “Live like Laiken” in the hope that each of you will help keep Laiken’s spirit alive by continuing to exhibit these positive qualities.

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